Sweet Pastry with Chocolate Filling

Sweet Pastry with Chocolate Filling from Bordeaux Quay

For the Pastry:
250g flour
85g icing sugar (sifted)
125g butter (pea sized)
1 vanilla pod
1 small beaten egg

Sift flour and icing sugar together and rub in butter until a coarse breadcrumb texture develops. Chill ~20 minutes.
Make a well in centre, add the inside of the vanilla pod and egg.
Using a form, mix dough together. Pull together to form a dough with hands. Chill ~30 minutes.
Roll out as thin as possible and ease into tart base.
Crumble parchment paper, ease into shells, fill with beans, and bake blind at 190C for ~15-20 minutes, until pale golden. Remove beans and paper and bake for ~5 minutes more.
Cool slightly.

For the Chocolate Filling:
350g 70% cocoa dark chocolate
700ml cream
5 eggs + 2 yolks
1 tsp cocoa powder
150g sugar

Boil cream and pour over chocolate. Beat until smooth and glossy.
In separate bowl, combine sugar, eggs, yolks, cocoa then stir into chocolate mixture.
Pour into sweet pastry and bake at 150C for ~15 minutes, until just set (slight wobble in centre).

Cool for ~30 minutes, serve with creme fraiche.

(I had extras for this filling, you could make more tarts or I put it into muffin shells and just had little chocolate custards)


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