Pancakes (aka Crepes)

Pancakes (adapted from The River Cottage Family Cookbook)
Yield: About 15 Pancakes

250g Plain Flour
A pinch of Salt
2 Free-range Eggs
~500ml Milk (may need a bit more)
Sunflower Oil for Frying
(optional: 2-3 tbsp sugar)

* Sift flour and salt into mixing bowl. Make a crater in centre, break eggs and add half the milk.
* Whisk flour from edges a little at a time. Add the rest of the milk (and a bit more, if necessary) and whisk until lumps of flour are gone and the consistency is similar to single cream (or a little thicker than Half & Half in Canada). Transfer to a
* On med-high, heat the frying pan. Swirl ~1 tsp of oil around the frying pan, pouring excess into a cup so only a film of oil remains.
* When the oil is good and hot, pour batter into pan (really depends how big the pan is you’re using. I found pouring a circle slightly larger than a softball made reasonably sized crepes. Just make sure you have enough room in your pan for your crepe to spread out at least an inch all the way around). Immediately tilt and rotate the pan to spread your batter around.
* Loosen edges with a palette or butter knife and shake the pan to make sure the edges aren’t stuck (skipping the palette knife and shaking with vigor is also acceptable). Once the bottom has browned up a bit, stand back, and let’er FLIP! Try to get some good height so the pancake can turn over in the air. It is scary, but with practice it is easy (and we won’t tell if you have to pick a few up off the floor).
* If you’re making the full batch, keep a plate in a low temp oven to keep them warm while you finish up the batch. Dress up as you would like and gobble up!

(If for some reason you can’t eat all your crepes, put a piece of parchment or wax paper between each layer, put in a resealable plastic bag and freeze. They’ll be good for a few weeks, just defrost, and warm up in the microwave or in a frying pan to crisp up.)


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