Bath,It started with bread.

I always liked to bake, but cookies, brownies, and the like. Cakes came from boxes and pie shells were frozen. My mom always told me it wasn’t worth the effort to make some things from scratch (I also have a weak spot for Yellow Cake from a box, so I believed her). One day my Dad brought home a cookbook written by the old Bitties he plays Bridge with. Looking through it, my sister discovered a recipe for a Focaccia Bread she said we simply had to make for dinner. It was amazing. I later went to Italy and had the best Focaccia, possibly in the world, but at the time, this bread was it. It was quick, moist, flavourful, and the house smelt like you could lick the walls.

That bread, sparked it.

I started making more and more things from scratch, made my Gramma proud and probably disgruntled there were suddenly pies that she had not constructed. I ended up with an Education degree in Home Economics, with an emphasis on the Food Studies area — I cursed less and my inability to iron didn’t pose a problem.

I am squeemesh about things like raw meat and like my food too salty for the average person. I’m too hard on myself when I screw up a recipe, bu stout and cheese make everything better.  I would much rather use my hands than an appliance – I make messes and sometimes break stuff, but I learn 🙂

-Lil Al


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