When All Else Fails – Make Toast

Daring Baker’s April Challenge:
Maple Mousse in an Edible Container – It had such promise.

Kimmee had sent us a jug of real Canadian maple syrup. I thought I could bring it into work and use it to convince the Brits that maple and bacon is an amazing combination.

But then I couldn’t find gelatin and it all fell apart… actually, didn’t pull together is more like it.

I had some pastry left over from my pastry course, spent the day foraging – I was making pastry maple leaves for the container and  had bacon bits on my mind for a garnish.

Cutting out the leaves in the pastry was a cinch; they baked up beautifully at 150C, I didn’t have to weight them or punch in any holes.

I thought pastry leaves would be the hard part.

British stores continue to foil me and gelatin was not to be found. So I decided a more traditional mousse was in order, you know with the heating of yolks, the inflation of egg whites, and the folding, the gentle gentle folding together.

I don’t want to call treason on the maple syrup, but it seems to have issues with the Canadian melting pot mentality and I was left with a bowl of runny semi-inflated egg whites sitting on top a layer of maple syrup (I should check if it is from Quebec – I may have a Separatist syrup on my hands…)

Between work and VISITORS (had my sister not promised to try visit again in the winter she may have ended up locked in my storage) I couldn’t make any more mousse.

So my egg mixture turned into toast. French Toast. With pineapple and coconut. And that bacon, it just ended up in my stomach. No pictures, but I can assure you it was tasty. Not as tasty as mousse, but I still got my maple and bacon fix.


About noelpeter

Want to be chef's/baker's currently living in Bristol, Uk from Saskatoon, Canada. Travelling around the world searching for food, fun and adventure.
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2 Responses to When All Else Fails – Make Toast

  1. Sassy says:

    So sad that you didn’t get to enjoy Maple Mousse in all it’s glory but your French Toast sure sounds tasty. I love the maple leaf cutouts too!

  2. Glad to hear it didn’t go into the garbage! Amusing post and good for you for trying.

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