The Beginning

We left Canada to move to jolly old England and what a state for foodstuffs the country is in. The streets are full of Chicken, Kebab, and Fish and Chip shops (that do leave a nice aroma of vinegar wafting through the streets), a decent sized grocery store is hard to find and most of the products available are prepackaged. We have the luxury of living off of Gloucester Road in Bristol; green grocers, St. Werburgh’s city farm, Better Food, The Bread Store, Harvest, and many others provide local, fresh, sustainable, and bulk items and we have been inspired to utilize the opportunity.

Bridge, Bristol

In Canada, Little Al and I enjoyed baking bread. We decided that while living here, we would try to make our own bread products (except for some extra special breads or the occasional treat). With books, blogs, and our own imagination we have begun branching out; trying new and old recipes and constantly learning, changing, and adapting (with a crappy stove, little elbow room, and few tools at hand things don’t always play out smoothly). We scour the bulk food store and Green Grocer for fun ingredients, some of which we’ve never come across in Saskatchewan (celeriac and fresh figs, for one) and ways to utilize them. Attempting to make something is not only enjoyable, cheap, relaxing, but oh my does it cause havoc, fun, fun havoc. We’ve had success and failure, made messes, dropped breads, and broken dishes and would like to share our experience, tips, and recipes with you (and will gladly accept yours in return!



About noelpeter

Want to be chef's/baker's currently living in Bristol, Uk from Saskatoon, Canada. Travelling around the world searching for food, fun and adventure.
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